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Thread: [VR] V2 CTS-V makes 808rwhp on E85 no methanol!!!

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    [VR] V2 CTS-V makes 808rwhp on E85 no methanol!!!

    Towards the middle of 2015 we were contacted by a gentleman looking to begin modifying his 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. The beginning of this build was a modified Stage 1 performance package consisting of 2.55” Upper Pulley, Solid Isolator, HD Supercharger Belt, VR Spark Plug insulators, Customer supplied BBE 1 7/8” Headers, Billet Catch Can, 160* Thermostat, Spark Plugs and Plug wires. From there Xavier was hooked and the mod bug took hold. In 2016 we added a Flex fuel sensor, fuel system and Vengeance Racing 1000cc injectors. In 2017 we upgraded to a nasty Vengeance Racing custom camshaft with our full cam kit plus a 9.55 lower pulley and appropriate HD Supercharger belt. After many half mile events and street driving the car. Xavier decided that he was not finished with modifying the car. Which brings us to 2018! For this latest round of modifications we installed the follow parts:

    • Nick Williams 102mm Throttle Body
    • Vengeance Racing 5” Intake system
    • VR Ported Blower snout and inlet
    • Reinforced Supercharger Brick
    • ARP Heads Studs
    • MAST 255cc Black Label LS3 Heads
    • Johnson 2210R Lifters
    • Trunk Tank

    This essentially brought Xavier’s CTS-V to a modified version of our Stage 5x package as he does not run methanol on the vehicle. Xavier wanted a Max Effort setup for his V that was still very streetable and would run on fuel’s available to him i.e. 93 octane pump gas and E85 without having to run meth.

    With this round of modifications we completed our VR porting service on the blower snout and inlet along with a Nick Williams 102mm “Boosted” Throttle body and exclusive VR 5” Cold Air intake system (Available on in house builds only) maximized the airflow coming into the LSA. We also installed Xavier’s supplied trunk tank with our reinforced HX brick and Stewart EMP Pump to ensure cooler IAT’s both on the street and at the strip. With the added air flow we opted for the MAST 255cc Black Label LS3 heads to maximize the performance output of this combination.

    Once the build was complete it was time to head to our DynoJet Chassis dyno to see what Xavier’s CTS-V coupe would put down. On E85 Xavier’s CTS-V laid down 808rwhp and 758rwtq. This makes for a fun and fast street car. This has been an awesome build from stock car to max effort setup over a few years and Xavier has had the experience of each power level. We can’t wait to get out to the track to get this monster CTS-V Dialed in. Check out the GearHeadFlicks video below.

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    Youtube link is not working. Can you repost it please?

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