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Thread: [VR] Twin Turbo 440ci Camaro SS makes 1600+RWHP!!!!

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    [VR] Twin Turbo 440ci Camaro SS makes 1600+RWHP!!!!

    In 2016 Joe reached out to us looking for an engine for his 5th Gen Camaro SS that he was looking to turn into a street/strip monster. Joe wanted this to be a home build and had already made progress on getting his Camaro track ready. After discussing Joe’s goals we had our friends over at Grimes build a 440ci LSX Solid Roller with MAST 285cc Heads, Wiseco Custom forged piston set, Callies Ultra I-beam Rods, Callies Billet CCW Crankshaft, Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with Custom Solid Roller Grind and Vengeance Racing Billet Valve covers with coil relocation. Somewhere during the build Joe decided that he did not have the time to finish the project on his own and feared it being years before completion. He reached back out to us looking to transport his Camaro SS to us with the engine that we had sent him to complete the build. We agreed and Joe transported everything he had with the vehicle to our facility. Joes build features:

    • Grimes 440ci LSX Solid Roller Engine
    • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with Custom Solid Roller Cam Grind
    • MAST Motorsports 285cc LS7 Heads
    • Wiseco Custom Forged Pistons
    • Callies Ultra I Beam Rods and Billet CCW Crankshaft
    • Katech Red Oil Pump
    • Nick Williams “Boosted” 102mm Throttle Body
    • Vengeance Racing Billet Valve Covers and Coil relocation kit
    • Rossler Pro Mod TH400 Transmission
    • Gearvenders overdrive
    • Driveshaft Shop 9” Rear End
    • Driveshaft Shop Halfshafts and Driveshaft
    • Complete QAI Double Adjustable Coilover kit
    • Weld 15” Beadlock Wheels
    • Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s
    • 10 point Roll Cage
    • Corbeu Seats
    • Strange Race Brakes
    • 2 x Precision Turbo Gen II 76/75 CEA Billet Wheel/ Ball bearing Turbos
    • Tial Q Blow off Valves
    • Tial MV-R waste Gates
    • Turbo Werx EXA- Pump.
    • Vengeance Racing Custom Fabricated Air to Water Intercooler kit
    • Late Model Engines Billet Intake Manifold
    • Daily Engineering Dry Sump
    • Jet Hot Ceramic coating

    After going through all the parts and formulating a plan our Shop Foreman and Fabricator got to work installing the supplied parts. Again just to recap for the power plant we chose a 440ci LSX Solid Roller with, Callies Ultra I-beam Rods, Callies Billet CCW Crankshaft, Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with Custom Solid Roller Grind Camshaft, MAST Motorsports 285cc LS7 Heads and a Katech Red oil pump built to hold up to the amount of power and boost we were about to throw at it. With The engine installed it was time to begin fabrication of this custom one off turbo kit utilizing Precision Turbo’s Gen II 76/75 turbos. To this we added our Custom Vengeance Racing Air to water intercooler setup to maximize the efficiency and performance of the turbo kit. With the turbo kit complete we sent all the piping over to Jet-Hot coatings for a black ceramic coating. This along with our Vengeance Racing Billet Valve Covers, Coil relocation kit and Black LME Billet Intake manifold completed the sleek look in Joe’s engine bay

    For engine management on Joe’s rocket of a Camaro we turned to our friends over at ProEFI for their 128 “Pro Mod” ECU with I Boost Controller and Flex Fuel Sensor kit. We have used ProEFI on all of our Heavy hitters and enjoy the ease of use and how well the system works. Having the flex fuel sensor kit on Joes vehicle allowed us to have a tune not only on Pump Gas (93 octane) but E85 and C16 as well. At 40psi of Boost on E85 Joes Camaro Made 1611rwhp.

    With the build complete we took Joe and his Camaro to Carolina Dragway “House of Hook” for a shake down. On 25psi of boost and leaving off the foot brake Joe made a 8.86 pass @ 163mph. Joe not only uses his Camaro for ¼ mile but also enjoys competing with us during the ½ mile events. We can’t wait to get back on track to continue dialing in this set up and reach into the 7’s. Enjoy the amazing Gearhead Flicks Video below on Joes Camaro SS.

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    VR Twin Turbo 440ci Camaro SS makes 1600RWHP

    The previous owners brother made the manifolds. The turbo is a Garrett GT2052s. It makes about 6 psi 60 mph on flat ground and on a hill at the same speed it will do around 10psi.

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