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Thread: [VR] Heads/Cam/Header Grand Sports makes 502rwhp and 455rwtq

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    [VR] Heads/Cam/Header Grand Sports makes 502rwhp and 455rwtq

    We recently had the opportunity to upgrade another one of our employee’s vehicles. This time on our Sales Manager Robert’s daily driven 93k mile bone stock 2012 Corvette Grand Sport. This car sees the occasional track day and autocross events but mainly is used for daily driving and mountain runs. Not only were we looking to improve power and torque but it was imperative that the vehicle maintained its drivability and reliability. Robert decided on our Stage 4 performance package. Robert’s build featured:

    • Halltech MF108 Cold Air Induction System
    • Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LS3 Cylinder Heads
    • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with KAOTIK camshaft
    • LS7 Lifters
    • ATI 10% Underdrive Balancer
    • Kooks Header 1 7/8” Longtube Headers into a Z06 3” X-Pipe and OEM Z06 Mufflers
    • MGW Short Throw Shifter

    For the camshaft we chose our KAOTIK camshaft. Our KAOTIK camshaft has been proven to provide big horsepower and torque gains while maintaining excellent drivability and street ability. With the camshaft in place. We bolted on an ATI 10% underdrive balancer to aid with engine harmonics and parasitic loss. Due to the high mileage on his vehicle we decided to go ahead and replace the factory lS3 lifters with a fresh set of GM LS7 lifters. Since we were pulling the heads off and replacing a lot of the wearable valve train components Robert decided to upgrade his OEM heads to a fresh set of our CNC Ported LS3 Heads. The factory LS3 intake manifold and Stock throttle body were retained for the build.

    Robert was looking to get a more aggressive sound out of his Grand Sport while still maintaining factory exhaust and NPP. For this we turned to our friends over at Kooks headers. We installed Kooks 1 7/8” longtube header system with a 3” X-Pipe for a Z06 and factory Z06 mufflers. Once the build was complete it was once again time to hand the keys over to our trusted tuner to see what kind of numbers Robert’s Grand Sport would make. On our Dynojet chassis dyno Robert’s Grand Sport made 502rwhp and 455rwtq on pump gas all through the stock clutch, intake manifold and Throttle body. This not only a huge jump in horsepower but in torque also that will translate very well on the street and track. This build was an absolute blast and we look forward to seeing this car ripping around Road Atlanta soon.

    Check out more of our Feature Builds, Performance Packages and Products at our website We have a wide range of performance parts on our online store for your LS or LT build. Feel free to contact us with any questions at or by phone @ 678-513-7105. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    VR Heads/Cam/Header Grand Sports makes 502rwhp and 455rwtq

    The photos are amazing. Thanks to theroyalwe

    I definitely have to get one of these things.. perhaps not first generation US, but maybe in 09? Well have to see

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