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Thread: [VR] Whipple Charged ZL1 1LE makes 831rwhp on pump gas NO METH!!!

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    [VR] Whipple Charged ZL1 1LE makes 831rwhp on pump gas NO METH!!!

    We were contacted a few months back by a client looking to build his 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE and wanted to bring his 1LE to us all the way from Montana. Our customer wanted a complete performance build that would enhance the already capable ZL1 1LE and would take it to the next level. To increase horsepower and aesthetics under the hood we decided on the following combination:

    • Whipple Supercharger’s 2.9L Supercharger upgrade in red finish
    • Vengeance Racing Cold Air Intake System
    • Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
    • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with Stage III Cam
    • Kooks Header and Exhaust Longtube Header system with Connection Pipes.
    • ATI Performance Products balancer and Lower pulley
    • WeaponX Motorsports heat exchanger upgrade with trunk-mounted HX reservoir
    • Vengeance Racing Valve Covers with coil relocation

    As many know the ZL1 1LE is one of the best handling vehicle on the market. To complement the 1LE’s factory driving feel we upgraded the 1.7l LT4 blower to Whipple’s massive 2.9L supercharger. Staying with a PD blower allowed us to retain that instant power and torque. We have used the 2.9L Whipple in several LT4 builds. The Whipple not only allows us to make more power but aids in cooling as well. To help feed the 2.9L Whipple we installed our Vengeance Racing 4” Cold Air intake system for the ZL1 Camaro and upgraded to a Moroso vented catch can. To clean up the look of the engine bay we installed our Vengeance Racing customer engraved valve covers and customer coil relocation kit. This is offered to our customer on in-house builds.

    We installed our Vengeance Racing Cam kit plus with our Stage III camshaft for the LT4. Our stage III camshaft is our MAX EFFORT camshaft for the LT4 and provides an aggressive lope at idle while still maintaining excellent street manners and drivability. We also chose our Vengeance Racing CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads. Our CNC ported cylinder heads provide an excellent increase in flow over the stock cylinder heads and feature:
    • Multi Angle Competition Valve Job
    • Minimal surfacing
    • Loaded with BTR .660 Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit with titanium retainers
    • Aftermarket Ferrea exhaust valves

    To help move all of the added air out of the engine we installed Kooks 2” Longtube header system with connection pipes mated to the factory OEM mufflers. To aid in additional cooling we reached out to our friends over at WeaponX Motorsports for their upgraded heat exchanger and trunk mount heat exchanger reservoir. This will aid in keeping iat’s cool while the vehicle is being used both on track and on the street.

    With the install complete it was once again time to hand the key’s over to our tuner to see what this ZL1 1LE will make on our Dynojet chassis dyno. With this combination we the 1LE made 831rwhp and 764rwtq on 93 octane pump gas with NO methanol injection on the vehicle. It made 14psi and will make for one hell of a track experience. See the video below to view the dyno run.

    Check out more of our Feature Builds, Performance Packages and Products at our website We have a wide range of performance parts on our online store for your LS or LT build. Feel free to contact us with any questions at or by phone @ 678-513-7105. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    VR Whipple Charged ZL1 1LE makes 831rwhp on pump gas NO METH

    Why not just take out the tank? It will Drain the old gas out faster and give you a chance to clean in out along with the sending unit.

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    VR Whipple Charged ZL1 1LE makes 831rwhp on pump gas NO METH

    ok so drained tank today and gas was very clean...I looked in carb. window and saw no gas in it....I tried to run pump by turning the key and trying to start and just on on position and nothing....bad fuel pump?

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