We recently had another customer with a 6th Gen ZL1 Camaro contact us from all the way up in New Jersey. Bill was looking maximize the performance of his LT4 powered hand controlled ZL1 without going into the motor and wanted a very reliable but fast car. For Bill’s build we decided on the following.

• Vengeance Racing cold air intake for 6th gen ZL1
• ATI harmonic balancer
• Lingenfelter 9.17” pulley
• Gates HD supercharger belt
• 180* thermostat
• Kooks 2” longtube headers with GREEN catted connection pipes
• Vengeance Racing flex fuel sensor kit

The vehicle was transported from New Jersey to our shop by our friends over at TPM Transports. Upon delivery we took the ZL1 straight to the Dyno for a baseline run. Bill’s ZL1 baselined at 549rwhp and 558rwtq. From there she was pulled into the shop and Alex got to work.

With the bolt ons installed it was once again time to head to our brand new DynoJet chassis dyno. On 93 octane pump gas this bolt on ZL1 made 648rwhp and 681rwtq. We then drained the fuel and filled the tank with E85 at a 45% mix. With the E85 mix the ZL1 made 686rwhp and 720rwtq. This was an outstanding gain on simple bolt ons. We can’t wait to ship Bill his car back so he can enjoy this truly transformed daily.

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