We have built some amazing Procharged C7 Corvettes over the years and Ken wanted to join the club. Ken reached out to us looking to maximize his C7 Z06 while staying on 93 octane pump gas and a Procharger supercharger system. For Ken’s Z06 we decide to us the following combination:

• Procharger F1A-94 Supercharger System – 3.85” Pulley
• Procharger Air to Air System
• Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
• Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with Stage III LT4 Camshaft
• AlkyControl Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System
• American Racing Headers Longtube Header system and X-Pipe
• Circle D Specialties Pro Series 258mm Torque Converter
• GForce Performance Engineering 1320 “Outlaw” Axles
• Vengeance Racing C7 Catch Can System

With the engine removed it was time to install our Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus. Our Cam Kit plus is available on our online store and includes everything needed to complete the cam install on your vehicle. For Ken we decided on our Stage III LT4 Camshaft. Our State III Cam is our MAX EFFORT camshaft for the LT4 engine and gives an aggressive lope at idle while maintaining excellent street drivability. This camshaft is too large to be used with an OEM torque converter so we opted for the Circle D Specialties Pro Series 258mm torque converter with a 3000 stall speed. We also installed our Vengeance Racing stage 2 CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder heads. Our Heads feature a Multi Angle Competition Valve Job, Minimal Surfacing, Aftermarket Ferrea Exhaust Valves and come loaded with BTR .660 lift dual valve springs with titanium retainers. We offer these on our website as a core exchange with a refundable core charge for your OEM heads.

To get the sound Ken was looking for we utilized American Racing Headers 2” Longtube header system and X-Pipe mated to the OEM NPP exhaust. Next we installed the AlkyControl dual nozzle methanol system. We have utilized AlkyControl systems in quite a few of our builds and is the only system we use when it comes to Methanol Injection.

Being that this was going to be primarily utilized as a street car we decided on Procharger’s F1A-94 supercharger system with air to air intercooler. This kit has proven time and time again to produce great power on the LT4 platform. It was important that we could retain Procharger’s air filter to protect the blower while being driven daily. Ken wanted to be able to take his C7 Z06 to the track as well from time to time and did not want to worry about breaking axles so we installed a set of Gforce Performance Engineering 1320 “Outlaw” Axles.

Once the install was complete it was time again to hand the car over to our tuner. On our dyno jet chassis dyno with 93 octane fuel from the gas station at the end of our street Ken’s C7 Z06 made 928rwhp and 765rwtq all through the A8 transmission.

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