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Thread: Vengeance Racing 830rwhp CTS-V Coupe with HAND CONTROLS!!!

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    Vengeance Racing 830rwhp CTS-V Coupe with HAND CONTROLS!!!

    Well back when we first Met Bryan in 2016 with his CTS-V Coupe we did realize just how far this car would come. Back in 2016 we baselined Bryan CTS-V with just 470rwhp. From there we began modifying the CTS-V Coupe with our Stage 1 performance package and the car made 540rwhp. Bryan competed in his first Half Mile racing event and the addiction we have all experienced with speed sunk its teeth in.

    The next round of modifications added American racing header system, Auxiliary Fuel System and E85. With this round of modifications Bryan’s CTS-V Coupe made 620rwhp. From there we added a Nick Williams 102mm Throttle Body, 9.17” Lower Pulley and ATI Balancer, VR Ported Blower and Snout, Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus with PD2 camshaft, ZL1 Lid and cooling modification’s bringing Bryan’s Coupe to 730rwhp. Bryan began competing in more Half Mile events and was ready to take him combination even further. With a goal of over 900 crank horsepower and breaking into the 9’s Bryan reached out to us for another round of modifications.

    For this next round of modifications we removed the factory blower and replaced it with the Magnuson Heartbeat 2300 Supercharger system. To help feed the Magnuson 2300 we added our Vengeance Racing 5” Cold Air Intake system. To get us to our desired boost level we swapped out the Lingenfelter 9.17” lower pulley with a lingenfelter 9.55” Lower Pulley. We also added an AlkyControl Dual Nozzle methanol injection kit with Custom Vengeance Racing Trunk Tank so it was easily accessible for Bryan.

    With Bryans new power combination it was time to head to our dyno and put the keys in the hands of our trusted tuner. With this Magnuson 2300 combination Bryans CTS-V Coupe made 830rwhp and 802rwtq on our Dynojet Chassis dyno. Bryan was very excited with how his build turned out and couldn’t wait to get to the track to begin testing.

    Once Bryan picked his CTS-V up from the shop it was taken to get a new look. Bryan decided on a semi-gloss white wrap with a Matte Black Hood.

    Bryan was able to join us out at for a track test out at House of Hook. We worked with Bryan on getting the car to launch and mastering burnouts. Bryan was able to run in the low 10’s but just couldn’t seem to break into the 9’s.
    A few months later Bryan joined us in Orlando Florida for Cadillac Attack. Bryan was consistently running 10.0’s and the car was flawless. Late in the day Bryan managed to run his fastest pass and broke in to the 9’s with a 9.96. I think the level of excitement for all of us was through the roof after this pass. It was awesome to see Bryan work so hard and successfully complete his goal.

    This was an incredible build to be a part of for such an amazing young man. Bryan has overcome many obstacles and continues to push forward and sets goals. He hopes his actions influence other to push themselves, set goals and overcome setbacks. I know I speak for the entire shop when I say that we are proud to have Bryan as part of the Vengeance Racing Family. We are excited to see just how far we can push this combination.
    Look for Bryan at Speed Addicts Half Mile racing event where he will be competing and testing this combination.

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    Very impressive! I'm so glad technology allows people like Bryan to enjoy this hobby! Amazing stuff.

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