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Thread: Vengeance Racing C7 Stingray with ECS Blower! 800rwhp

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    Vengeance Racing C7 Stingray with ECS Blower! 800rwhp

    Last year we built our customer Doug’s beautiful Red Stingray. The first round of modifications included our Stage 2 supercharger package with ECS Supercharger, American Racing Headers, B&B Exhaust System and our Vengeance Racing C7 Catch Can system. Doug recently contacted us his second round of modifications to his C7 Stingray. Doug was ready to turn up the boost and safely max out his current setup. With this in mind we decided on the following:

    • LT4 Injectors
    • LT4 Fuel Pump
    • Vengeance Racing Drop In LT1 Forged Pistons
    • Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus w/ Stage III camshaft
    • 180* Thermostat
    • AlkyControl Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System for the C7 Corvette w/ IAT Breakout kit
    • Dewitts High Performance Radiator
    • Circle D Torque Converter
    • Vengeance Racing Valve Covers and coil relocation kit
    • Aeroforce Gauge

    With Doug’s goals in mind we got to work. We started by pulling the motor and installing a set of our Vengeance Racing Forged Drop in LT1 Pistons. We recommend our Piston with stock rods to 850rwhp. From there we installed our Vengeance Racing Cam Kit plus with our Stage III camshaft. Our Stage III Camshaft for the LT1 is our MAX EFFORT camshaft and has been proven to provide great gains in both HP and TQ not only in NA setups but supercharged applications as well. The Stage III Camshaft provides an aggressive lope at idle and gave Doug the sound he was looking for.

    Now being that we went with our Stage III camshaft we installed a Circle D 258 Pro Torque converter. This allows us to run the more aggressive camshaft in the A8 without pushing on the breaks. We have used this Torque converter in several C7 and C7 Z06 builds and is a great edition to the car. To maximize this setup we knew we needed more fuel. To achieve our goal we added LT4 injectors and a LT4 Fuel to meet our demands. We also added an Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol injection system with our Vengeance Racing IAT Breakout kit. To finish the look under the hood we installed a set of our Vengeance Racing Valve covers and Vengeance Racing Coil relocation brackets an exclusive option offered only to in-house builds.

    With the install complete it was once again time to head over to our Chassis dyno for some numbers. With this combination Doug’s C7 Stingray put down some impressive numbers at 800rwhp and 669rwtq.
    This combination definitely makes for a great street car and we were excited to see the smile on Doug’s face after his first ride.

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    Vengeance Racing C7 Stingray with ECS Blower 800rwhp

    The photos are amazing. Thanks to theroyalwe

    I definitely have to get one of these things.. perhaps not first generation US, but maybe in 09? Well have to see

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