Here at Vengeance Racing we have been enjoying the R&D ZR1. Since its delivery the cars has had over 500 miles put on it so we decided to go back to our Dyno for a comparison. In stock form with the new mileage the ZR1 made 691rwhp and 676rwtq. This is up from the original dyno done on the delivery day in which the ZR1 made 641rwhp and 641retw. I have included our delivery video at the bottom of this post for you guys to watch. This was a great improvement and just goes to show you how the vehicle break in process affects power output.

Although the ECU is still not unlocked and we cannot begin doing modifications that require ECU Calibration we have been working on a few things. Our friends over at Halltech reached out to us and asked us to help them design a Cold Air Intake system for the 2019 ZR1. We agreed and are currently assisting with testing and design. We will update you with results once the testing and design process has been complete.

We also recently tested the Akrapovic Axle back system on our R&D ZR1. Not only does the Akrapovic Exhaust system look and sound amazing but is much lighter than the stock muffler set up. The stock mufflers weighed in at 24lbs a piece. Thats 48lbs hanging off the back of the car. The Akropovic mufflers came in at 15lbs a piece. So by switching to the Akropovic we eliminated 18lbs off the back of the car. Stay tuned as we plan to push our ZR1 further once we are able to begin calibrating the ECU.

We look forward to testing the ZR1 more and will continue to update you guys with more results as push the ZR1 further. Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your build. Looking for the parts that we use in house? Head over to our online store @ and browse our wide selection of performance parts for your GM LS and LT application. As always be sure to follow us on social media.
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