We recently had the pleasure of working with Fadi from Virginia on his C7 Corvette Z06.
Fadi came to us looking to make good power out of the LT4 but wanted to change the LT4 blower out for an aftermarket option. After much discussion we decided to go with our Stage 4 performance package and upgrade to the beloved Whipple 2.9L blower. Now this required some additional work in order to get this blower to fit under the hood of the Z06 but Fadi was ready for the challenge and wanted something different. Our Stage 4 performance package consist of:

Halltech Stinger Cold Air Induction System
GripTech 2.30 Supercharger pulley
Vengeance Racing 10 Bolt supercharger hub
Innovators West Balancer
Vengeance Racing CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus[/LIST]
Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft w/ 32% Fuel Lobe Upgrade
- BTR .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Ti Retainers
- Vengeance Racing 3/8" Hardened Pushrods
- C5R Timing Chain
- Trunion Upgrade
- CompCams Phaser Limiter (5450)
- GM VVT Cam Bolt
- GM Crank Bolt
- GM LS7 Lifter Set
- GM Lifter Trays
- GM MLS 6.2L Head Gaskets
- GM LT Exhaust Gaskets
- DOD Delete Plug Kit
- ARP Cylinder Head Bolt/Stud Kit

Vengeance Racing Ported supercharger/snout
Nick Williams 102mm Gen V DBW Throttle body
American Racing stainless long tube header system with 3 X pipe
GM MLS Exhaust manifold gaskets
Vengeance Racing High Temperature protective heat sleeves
160* Thermostat

We Also added a few additional modifications to our package including:

Circle D 258mm Torque Converter
Vengeance Racing Low-Side Auxiliary Fuel System
Vengeance Racing E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Kit
Alky Control Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System

This was the first time we installed a whipple blower on a C7 Z06. We turned to our Friends over at Weapon X who are producing a Modified Whipple Blower for the C7 application. Once the blower arrived it was time to get to work. Here you can see huge size difference between the OEM 1.7L LT4 Blower and the 2.9L Whipple Blower. The Whipple blower is an excellent upgrade if you are looking at making more power out of the LT4 while maintaining a PD blower. Weapon X did a fantastic job with their kit and modifying the blower to allow fitment on the LT4 in the C7. This is a game changer for sure.

We have seen great gains when using the Whipple 2.9L on some of our other LT4 equipped vehicles and knew that this combination would make for an awesome street car with tons of torque. To feed the Whipple we added a Halltech Stinger Intake and Nick Williams 102mm DBW throttle Body. We installed American Racing Headers feeding into the OEM muffler section to give our customer the aggressive yet manageable sound he was looking for. With the addition of our Vengeance Racing cam kit plus and our Stage III camshaft we had to up the boost by adding a GripTech 2.30 Upper pulley and Innovators West Lower balancer and pulley combo. With the Stage III camshaft installed we turned to Circle D and installed their 258mm Torque Converter. We also ported the Whipple and blower snout.

Once the install was complete we handed the keys over to our tuner Mike. On our dyno with E85 this Stage 4 performance package with 2.9L Whipple and Meth made 877rwhp and 771rwtq. As you can see from the dyno below the from 3000RPM to 6500RPM this C7 Z06 is making 700+ TQ that is incredible. Our customer flew in from Virginia and drove his car the 9 hours home with a smile on his face.

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