As many of you have seen we build some very impressive HIGH HP builds and have thoroughly enjoyed building these monster LS and LT cars. We recently completed a build for our customers C7 Grand Sport. Tim came in with a very specific goal for the car. Tim is an auto enthusiast thru and thru. Having owned several great performance vehicles and spending a lot of time at HPDEs, Track Days, Road Racing and spirited mountain runs he knew he wanted to stay NA. Tim’s goal was to max out the stock bottom end of the LT1 on 93 Pump Gas and make great NA power. There was something quite refreshing about going back to the basics. Knowing this Grand Sport would see a good amount of hard Track and Fun driving we decided on the following build.

MSD AirForce Intake Manifold
• Nick Williams 102mm DBW Throttle Body
Halltech Cold Air Induction
Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus - Stage III Camshaft
Vengeance Racing CNC Ported LT1 Cylinder Heads
American Racing 1 7/8” stainless headers with catted X pipe
Vengeance Racing High Temp Heat Protective Heat Sleeves
160* Thermostat
Vengeance Racing Gen V Catch Can

To get this NA build to breathe we started with a Halltech Cold Air Intake. To that we paired a Nick Williams Intake and a Vengeance Racing Ported MSD AirForce Intake Manifold. We offer our Vengeance Racing Porting Service on New FAST and MSD intake manifold purchased through Vengeance Racing.

We used Vengenace Racing Heads CNC Ported by LME and our Vengeance Racing Cam Kit plus with Stage III Camshaft. The Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus features:
- Vengeance Racing Custom Camshaft w/ 32% Fuel Lobe Upgrade
- BTR .660" Lift Dual Valve Spring Kit w/ Ti Retainers
- Vengeance Racing 3/8" Hardened Pushrods
- C5R Timing Chain
- CompCams Trunion Upgrade
- CompCams Phaser Limiter
- GM VVT Cam Bolt
- GM Crank Bolt
- GM LS7 Lifter Set
- GM Lifter Trays
- GM MLS 6.2L Head Gaskets
- GM LT Exhaust Gaskets
- DOD Delete Plug Kit
- ARP Cylinder Head Bolt/Stud Kit

Our Vengeance Racing Stage III LT4 Camshaft is our Max Effort Cam for the LT4 Engine and gives a very aggressive lope at idle. To move all this air out of the motor quickly we installed an American Racing Header System. This combined with the stock dual valve mufflers gave out customer the sound he was looking for.

With the install complete it was time to head to the dyno to see what this NA Grand Sport put to the wheels. On 93 Pump Gas ONLY Tim’s Grand Sport made 569rwhp and 463rwtq.

We look forward to seeing this car at some track days and Car meets this year. We were very excited to see this much power out of a Naturally Aspirated LT1 and know that Tim is going to love this setup. If you are interested in a similar build feel free to contact us at We are happy to discuss your build with you.

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