A customer we previously built an amazing 416 C7 Stingray with a Novi 2200R recently contacted us and wanted to change his current setup. (Previous Build) He stated he had a new goal in mind for the next step of his build and that goal was 200mph in the half mile. He had set the goal high for a C7 and we felt we had the right recipe after building several 1000+ Horsepower C7 corvettes. We knew there were several key components we would need to complete this goal. The first was a larger blower. We knew the 2200R would not get us to the power level needed to reach 200mph in the Half Mile. Second was fueling we have been working on several combinations to get us to the appropriate fuel level to safely make this power without relying on methanol. Last was controlling the fuel and ensuring ease of us for the customer. For this build we chose the following components to meet and exceed our customer’s goal:

• Procharger F1X Supercharger
• Vengeance Racing Air to water intercooler set up
• Built Circle D 6L80E transmission
• Vengeance Racing Auxiliary Low side Fuel System
• Vengeance Racing C7 Catch Can and breather tank
• LME Billet Intake Manifold
• Vengeance Racing Secondary Fuel Injection
• Nick Williams 103mm Throttle Body
• Prospeed D3PE C7 Corvette ACM
• WELD RTS 18x5 and 15x10
• Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s 275/60/15
• M&H front runners 185/50/18

Like stated above we knew we would need a bigger blower to achieve our customers goals. Having used and tested Procharger’s F-1X supercharger on several of our high horsepower we knew this was the blower that would get us where we needed to be. With this we added our custom fabricated Vengeance Racing Air to Water intercooler set up. We have been working on this design for a while and decided this was the perfect build to showcase our air to water set up on. Our Air to Water intercooler setup allowed us to keep IAT’s cool without the use of methanol. This was extremely important so that we did not experience heat soak while at the track during half mile runs.

For fueling we turned to an LME Billet intake manifold with secondary port injection. This has allowed us run 93 Octane and E85 fueling options without Methanol and gave us the fuel load needed for our power demand. With this set up we decided to use Prospeed’s ACM. This easy to use Auxiliary Control Module is a plug and play system that allows for full integration with the vehicles CAN data. The ACM allowed us to properly control the secondary port injection. These are some of the features:

• Port injection control, full closed loop with optional dual channel CAN widebands, fuel pressure compensation with optional fuel pressure sensor
• Full flex fuel control, requires wiring of standard flex sensor to factory ECU and ACM
• Multiple fuel pump staging with fuel pump prime feature (useful for new Fore Innovations pump hangers which require button priming which can be forgotten resulting in HPFP damage)
• Methanol control eliminating the use of a separate controller and hobbs switch
• Nitrous control, multi stage, progressive or standard, closed loop control with optional dual channel CAN widebands and nitrous pressure sensor
• On the fly 5-map selection with optional I-Boost switch
• Boost control, standard and C02, requires optional boost solenoid(s)
• Easily navigable and straight forward software interface.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the PROSPEED ACM!

With the amount of power we knew we would be getting out of our setup we also knew the transmission needed to be upgraded. For this we turned to Circle D Transmissions and opted for their “1000 HP” 6L80E Transmission upgrade and Converter. To get this monster combination to hook we used Carlyle Racing’s 15” Conversion kit paired with Weld RTS wheels in 15x10 and 18x5, wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s and M&H Front runners.

Once the install was complete it was time to strap this monster to the dyno and see what this combination would do. On E85 and NO Methanol our customers C7 made 1311rwhp and 1001rwtq. That’s right over 1300RWHP on E85 without the use of Methanol. This truly is a game changer for this platform.

Now it was time for the C7 to stretch its legs and head down to Ocala Florida for the WannaGOFAST Half Mile event for a test and tune. We are still dialing this setup in and look forward to breaking into the 200mph range with this beast of a C7. We have enjoyed working with our customer to build his dream C7 and know that he is on his way to setting a new C7 record. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates on this build. If you are interested in a similar build feel free to contact us at Sales@VengeaneRacing.net . We are happy to discuss your build with you.

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