Recently we had a customer come up from the Florida for the Vengeance Racing touch on his Whipple Supercharged 6th Gen Camaro 1LE.
Our customer was looking to make more power more reliably. To achieve our customer’s goals we chose to use the following for this build:

• Vengeance Racing Cam Kit Plus w/ Stage III LT1 Camshaft
• Vengeance Racing LT1 Drop In Pistons
• Upgraded to AlkyControl Dual Nozzle Set Up
• LT4 Fuel Injectors
• LT4 Fuel Pump
• Upgraded 3.25” 10-rib Upper Pulley
• Vengeance Racing Custom ECU Calibration

This was a fairly simple recipe for success. The mail goal of this build was unleash the potency of the LT1 engine when combined with the 2.9L Whipple blower. This being a manual vehicle we installed our Vengeance Racing Stage III LT1 Camshaft. Our Stage III LT1 camshaft is our MAX effort camshaft for the LT1 engine and gives an aggressive lope at idle that our customer was looking for. To make this set up safe and reliable we installed our Vengeance Racing LT1 drop in pistons. After building multiple high horsepower LT1 applications we began to notice failures with the stock pistons. We contacted Wiseco and designed our Vengeance Racing Forged drop in pistons. These pistons maintain stock compression ratio and are the exact weight as the factory piston setup. We recommend our Forged Drop in pistons up to 850RWHP while using factory rods.

To allow us to the fueling necessary to reach our power goal we installed GM LT4 Injectors and LT4 fuel pump. When the vehicle arrived it was already modified with an AlkyControl single nozzle meth injection system. We upgraded this system to a dual nozzle set up. In addition we upgraded the Whipple pulley to a 3.25” 10-rib pulley.After the install was complete it was time for tuning. With the new combination the Camaro 1LE put down 702rwhp / 601rwtq on 93 Pump gas + meth and 782rwhp / 651rwtq on E85 + meth. The customer couldn’t wait to get his new set up down to the Sunshine state for some fun.

If you are interested in a similar build combination, or any other performance offerings that we can provide for your LS/LT powered vehicle please feel free to e-mail us at or call at 678-513-7105 !

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