As many know, we here at Vengeance Racing have a very dedicated customer base of racers that enjoy pushing their cars to the limit at the very popular ½ mile events going on around the country. This particular customer is no exception as he has been racing with us for over 2 years now at nearly every race that we have participated in. Starting out with a previous build on a 2014 manual C7, he started down the slippery slope of performance modifications with a basic camshaft and ECS supercharger combination that would later lead to a 1,000+rwhp 416ci LT1 engine powered by a Novi 2200X. After rowing gears to nearly 180mph in his daily driven street car, he decided to take the opportunity to buy a friend’s C7 Z06 that was already modified here at VR that was utilizing a full heads/cam package, Nitrous Outlet spray bar system, and other supporting mods to make over 800rwhp. The biggest key to buying this car was that it not only had the ability to run a much bigger tire combination, but also had the 8-speed automatic transmission in place to allow him to have the potential to be much faster and more consistent on the track.

Knowing that this new Z06 would be strictly a track-use vehicle, and that 800rwhp was not enough, this customer sat down with all of us here at VR to lay out a plan to produce one of the most powerful, fastest, and beautiful C7 Z06’s to hit the track. The build project was outlined based around some of our proven ½ mile combinations, as well as some new products that had just come to market to help this car be as efficient as possible. For this project, we decided on the following:

• Vengeance Racing forged 377ci shortblock
• CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads
• Vengeance Racing/LME/Cam Motion custom low-lash solid roller valvetrain
• LME billet intake manifold
• American Racing 2” longtube header system
• Procharger F1-X supercharger headunit and bracket
• Vengeance Racing custom air-to-water intercooler system
• ProSpeed ACM secondary injection system
• Vengeance Racing Auxiliary low-side fuel system
• Circle D torque converter
• RPM Transmissions wavetrac differential
• Gforce Outlaw axle set
• Vengeance Racing catch can
• Vengeance Racing billet valve covers w/ coil relocation
• Full polishing / wire tuck on engine bay
• Carlyle Racing 15” conversion kit w/ Weld S77 wheels

This customer wanted to overbuild everything possible to handle most anything he could throw at it power wise to attempt to ensure the most reliability possible at these high power and RPM levels that the combination would see. The engine combination was completely built by our friends at Late Model Engines to handle 1,500HP as well as see north of 7,500 RPM with the all new CamMotion low-lash solid roller LT valvetrain configuration and camshaft profiles. This valvetrain includes only the best components including Isky lifters, Smith Brothers pushrods, and Jesel billet stainless steel rocker arms. With the engine combination breathing through LME’s coveted billet intake manifold and 2” ARH headers/full 3” exhaust this powerplant would become the foundation of this monster of an LT4!

The main basis for power would be focused around the proven Procharger F1-X head unit, but with a few custom changes from a standard production kit. The only items utilized from Procharger would be their headunit and 8-rib drive bracket. Otherwise, we spent quite a bit of time designing and fabricating a very efficient custom race air-to-water intercooler system to help maintain intake air temperatures as well as eliminate the need for things like methanol injection to assist with cooling. This system utilizes custom Bell intercoolers and a trunk-mounted reservoir to provide the ultimate cooling solution for these power levels. Also to eliminate methanol from being needed to supplement fueling as seen on many other 1,000+rwhp DI builds, we utilized ProSpeed’s all new ACM fuel controller for secondary injection. We had LME plumb the intake manifold to accept billet fuel rails and a set of port injectors. This system also includes the ProEFI I-Boost switch to allow us to plumb boost control on the F1-X to better dial in the power at the track, as well as put it at a more manageable level for street use when needed. Lastly, we plumbed our complete low-side fuel system to supply fuel to this 1,000+rwhp power plant.

Once most everything visible under the hood returned from the polisher and we completed install, it was time to head to the dyno for final tuning! We dialed in the combination to head to the track making an extremely impressive 1,354rwhp on C16 race fuel with NO METHANOL injection! It is needless to say that the ProSpeed ACM coupled with our low-side auxiliary system is doing extremely well fueling this combination and in a much safer fashion than most similar builds.

We will be hitting the Ό mile to push this car into the 8-second ET range once the tracks open back up, and look forward to breaking over 190mph in the ½ mile to take the C7/Z06 records in both areas! Stay tuned for more updates and performance results as we progress through the season!

If you are interested in a similar build combination, or any other performance offerings that we can provide for your LS/LT powered vehicle please feel free to e-mail us at or call at 678-513-7105 !

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