Once again we were contacted by a previous customer, who we had built a supercharged 416 C7 Stingray for letting us know he wanted to start a new project. Our customer purchased a C7 Z06 and was ready to lay the wood and dominate the half mile events. This was a chance to test a few new offerings from Vengeance Racing. We have strived to find a solution to using meth in our high horse power builds. We developed our Vengeance Racing Auxiliary Fuel Kit and our Vengeance Racing Air to Water intercooler to solve this very issue.

For this project we opted for the following:
• Procharger F1X Supercharger
• Vengeance Racing Air to Water Intercooler
• LME (late model engines) Intake Manifold
• Vengeance Racing Valve Covers
• Vengeance Racing Coil Relocation
• Vengeance Racing CNC Ported Heads
• Solid Roller
• Callies Rods
• Wiseco Pistons
• Vengeance Racing Catch Can
• Vengeance Racing Auxiliary Fuel System
• RPS Triple Disk Clutch
• LG Motorsports 15” Conversion Kit
• Weld S77b wheels in 15x10
• 325 Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s

Upon completion of this build it was once again time to hit the dyno. With this combination on C16 and NO METH the Z06 made 1352RWHP. We are still dialing this set up in and can’t wait to get back to the track. Keep an eye out for updates on this Vengeance Racing Monster.

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