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Thread: 2008 Super-Charged Corvette clutch PROBLEM

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    2008 Super-Charged Corvette clutch PROBLEM

    I have a 2008 C6 Super Charged Corvette with Nitto NTO5R Drag Radials and the clutch does not slip in any gear,not even in 4th gear if you floor it.But if you rev the engine up and go from a dead stop it slips Bad almost like its not holding at all.I have only done this twice as I do not want to tear anything up,I also keep the clutch slave cylinder fluid clean using the Ranger method.If from a dead idle you take your foot off the clutch and floor it,it bogs just a little before the engine gets in its Power Band and then breaks the tires loose no clutch slippage.

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    I'm Sorry I posted this in the wrong section,and reposted it in the right section and do not know how to delete this one!Again Sorry for my mistake!Thanks

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    2008 Super Charged Corvette clutch PROBLEM

    BDTuning did the clutch in my R. No complaints with install or product. I had a Peloquin in my MKIV TDI. Helped a lot with all the TDIs torque, but Im not sure it was worth it in the long run.

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